About digiTAAL Programme.

digiTAAL is a six-phased programme designed by ARC. The name digiTAAL is a conjunction of two words namely; Digital and Taal. The word Taal finds its origins from Dutch/Afrikaans word to mean ‘language’. In the mid-90s, the slang word ‘Taal’ was introduced and used in Gauteng Townships such as Soweto, Soshanguve, Mamelodi, Alexandra, etc. It is for this reason that we strive to redefine a new digital media language that is tailored for a South African audience.

The primary aim of the programme is the capacitate rural SMMEs and NGOs with ICT skills and propel them to access business opportunities within both public and private sector.

Based on the South African Government’s ICT White Paper, it identifies 3 Pillars of a Digital Society namely; 1) Digital Transformation of Government; 2) Digital Access; and 3) Digital Inclusion. The programme has a central focus on Digital Access and Digital Inclusion for the community at large.

The challenge with any broad-based entrepreneurship programme is finding an effective vehicle that can deliver quality content to many beneficiaries at an affordable cost. We will make use of workshops and toolkits. A toolkit will be developed and distributed to all participants of the programme. It will be a practical step-by-step guide for SMMEs and NGOs. Content of the programme and the toolkit is custom-made by industry experts and various partners as listed in the Partners Section to the highest standards. The programme comprises of the six phases including a supporting phase through-out the duration of the programme.